4 main paths to citizenship in Slovakia

There are 4 main options for obtaining a Slovak residence permit for a foreigner.

✅ Opening your own business (individual entrepreneur or company).

In this case, you are applying for a residence permit for entrepreneurship. We are not always talking about some large-scale business, although this happens. You can work for yourself, work remotely, be a freelancer – the option with a business residence permit will be relevant for you.

✅ Applying for a job in Slovakia.

Before applying for a residence permit, you must conclude a prísľub na zamestnanie with your employer. This document will confirm that you are provided with a job in Slovakia.

✅ Admission to a Slovak university.

A large selection of free educational institutions, the opportunity to continue their studies in a magistracy, the absence of age restrictions make this option quite attractive.

✅ Family reunion.

Very often, one of the family members applies for a residence permit for business or work. And relatives draw up a residence permit for reunification. Moreover, this can be done immediately, in parallel.

There are some other, usually less popular, ways to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia.

Which option is right for you? What documents are needed? And how much money should you count on?

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