What is important to know when applying for a residence permit ?

Is the lease agreement enough to confirm your residence in Slovakia when applying for a residence permit 🤔
Before deciding to grant you a residence permit, the police need to make sure that you really have a place to live in Slovakia.

In this matter, it is important to be especially careful☝️
📍 The lease is not enough to prove that you will not be homeless. You need a residence permit – a notarized document with the consent of the owner of the property for your residence at this address.
📍 In the absence of this document, you may be denied obtaining or renewing a residence permit.
📍 A residence permit is required when applying for a residence permit, regardless of whether you are applying for a residence permit on the basis of business, work, study or family reunification.
📍 It is worth discussing with the landlord in advance whether he is ready to provide you with a residence permit. Only enter into a lease if you are sure that you can register at this address.

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