Top 5 traditionalEaster dishes in Slovakia

Friends, congratulations on the upcoming Catholic Easter 🤗 And this post we decided to dedicate to the taste of Easter traditions in Slovakia.

What do Slovaks cook most often for Easter?

🥚 Kraslica (painted egg).
The name comes from the Slovak kresliť – to draw, to paint. They are colorful eggs with intricate designs that symbolize new life and the rebirth of nature.

🥚 Vajíčková pomazánka (egg paste)
This creamy egg paste is often served as an appetizer. Cooked from hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, and various herbs and spices. It is spread on fresh crusty bread.

🥚 Veľkonočná hrudka – syrek (pictured)
Cooked with milk and eggs. Often greens are added, but the dish does not look like an omelet. Because of the peculiarities of cooking turns out quite dense, compressed mass. Served cold.

🥚 Veľkonočná paska (Easter bread).
This is a sweet yeast bread decorated with intricate braids and patterns. This festive bread is often made on Good Friday and eaten throughout Easter weekend.

🥚 Veľkonočná cvikla.
These are canned beets cooked with horseradish, vinegar, and seasonings. There are also salad versions that use similar ingredients.

There are many holiday dishes and recipes. They are also different in different regions of Slovakia. We have tried to touch on the most traditional ones.

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