“New” registration of “old” entrepreneurs

Less than two weeks have passed since the adoption of the amendments to the Economic Code, and on the territory of the Slovak Republic, a new business has already appeared among the “entrepreneurs” – “new” registration of “old” entrepreneurs (those who have received a permit for entrepreneurial activity before 01.10.2020). to the register of entrepreneurs (živnostenský register).

So, on this issue, I can say the following:

Upon receipt of the živnostenského oprávnenia (business permit), živnostník / SZČO (entrepreneur, hereinafter referred to as the entrepreneur) is automatically entered into the živnostenský register – the register of entrepreneurs (https://www.zrsr.sk/zr_om.aspx). Here entrepreneurs (živnostníci) can check their records and make sure they are up to date / out of date. If there is an entry in this register, then this is quite enough, there is no need to make an entry in the register of entrepreneurs again.

The živnostenské oprávnenie serves as the basis for applying for a residence permit as an entrepreneur in Slovakia. To open a bank account is enough (živnostenské oprávnenie). Or, at most, if the bank demands it, you can provide an extract / certificate (potvrdenie) from the živnostenského registra – the register of entrepreneurs.

If you were not given a paper certificate of the right to entrepreneurial activity (osvedčenie o živnostenskom oprávnení, hereinafter referred to as a certificate), but only in electronic form, then you need to contact a notary or a lawyer to make a “conversion” of the electronic certificate. To do this, you need to find a notary or a lawyer who does the conversions of electronic documents, and send him a certificate in electronic form – .asice or .xzep document.

As for the new conditions regarding the registration or deregistration of foreign entrepreneurs (živnostníkov-zahraničných fyzických osôb), I am quoting, I am translating (although the translation was made and published even before the amendments to the law entered into force, see the publication of September 17, 2020) and at the same time I explain:

Zákon č. 513/1991 Zb. Obchodný zákonník

“§ 768 s Prechodné ustanovenia k úpravám účinným od 1 októbra 2020

(2) Registrový súd podľa osobitného zákona (ďalej len „registrový súd“) v spolupráci s Ministerstvom spravodlivosti Slovenskej republiky vymaže z obchodného registra zapísané

a) osoby, ktoré sa podľa predpisov účinných od 1.októbra 2020 do obchodného registra nezapisujú, a to
fyzické osoby,
podniky a organizačné zložky podnikov zahraničných fyzických osôb
(3) Zoznam zapísaných osôb, ktoré sa majú podľa odseku 2 vymazať z obchodného registra, Ministerstvo spravodlivosti Slovenskej republiky zverejní po dobu šiestich mesiacov v Obchodnom vestníku.

(5) Zapísané osoby podľa odseku 2 písm. a) prvého bodu výmazom z obchodného registra nezanikajú.

(6) Zahraničným fyzickým osobám výmazom ich podniku alebo organizačnej zložky podniku z obchodného registra podľa odseku 2 písm. a) tretieho bodu nezaniká oprávnenie podnikať na území Slovenskej republiky v rozsahu predmetu podnikania, ktorý bol v obchodnom registri zapísaný k 30. septembru 2020, ak osobitný zujekon in neustan.

Law no.513/1991 – Commercial Code

Transitional Provisions to Changes Effective October 01, 2020.

(2) The Register Court, in accordance with a separate law (hereinafter the Register Court), together with the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, will exclude from the Commercial Register the following:

a) persons who, according to the rules in force from October 01, 2020, will not be registered in the Trade Register, namely:

enterprises and branches of enterprises of foreign individuals
(3) The Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic will publish the list of registered persons who must be excluded from the Trade Register pursuant to paragraph 2 in the Trade Gazette within 6 months.

(5) Registered persons in accordance with subparagraph 2 of part a of the first point by excluding the above persons from the Commercial Register – their activity does not stop.

(6) For foreign individuals, the exclusion of their enterprise or branch from the Trade Register in accordance with paragraph 2 of part a of the third point – the permit for entrepreneurial activity in the territory of the Slovak Republic within the framework of the subject of entrepreneurial activity, which was recorded in the Trade Register before September 30, 2020, does not expire unless a separate law provides otherwise.

REMEMBER! The decisive moment for the emergence of the right to entrepreneurial activity in the new amendments to the Economic Code was adjusted so that it was the same for all foreign individuals, namely, at the time of issuing a permit for entrepreneurial activity.

There are no amendments to the Law on Business Activity yet. According to the current provisions of this law, foreign individual entrepreneurs should not be entered in the Commercial Register. They were introduced there voluntarily. The draft amendments to the Law on “Business Activity” do not provide for other rules.

In simple words, entrepreneurs will simply be excluded from the Trade Register, but the exclusion from the Trade Register does not terminate the right to do business, and neither the business permit nor the certificate of the right to do business is canceled. “Old” entrepreneurs – individuals do not need to do anything. New entrepreneurs – individuals are registered in the same way, with the exception of the entry in the Trade Register.

If someone “advises” or fulfills a request to make a new entry for an existing entrepreneur-natural person (registered before 01.10.2020) in the register of entrepreneurs-natural persons – such actions are in the nature of unfair actions of an entrepreneur (nekalá činnosť). For such actions of such “helpers”, you can at least submit a complaint to Slovenskú obchodnú inšpekciu, but first demand from such a “helper” proof – a contract or invoice, where it will be clearly written that the “helper” has undertaken to perform the above service.

Recommendation: working with the law and its norms is the work of lawyers and advocates. Only they have the right to advise and are responsible for the results of their advice.
If you turn to “helpers”, I recommend choosing those who use the services of lawyers or attorneys, and have written explanations from them about the problem, then you will definitely save money, time and not make stupid mistakes.
Often, many “helpers” are incompetent people who are not responsible and, in principle, engaged in illegal activities, since they, referring to personal experience and hiding behind the type of activity “advice to entrepreneurs” (or even better – “administrative services”), advise and ” help ”to perform actions contrary to the law. Roughly speaking, they make money from scratch, taking advantage of the client’s temporary inexperience / erudition.
You won’t even be able to file a complaint for such services, because in principle, they did an administrative service, or advice to entrepreneurs, or an intermediary service, but if they interpreted the law incorrectly, they say that they did nothing of the kind, since in principle do not have the right to do so.

Example: in order to save money, you can remove a sick tooth yourself or with someone’s help, but nevertheless we turn this problem to a competent specialist – a dentist. Those. we understand that by removing a tooth on your own or with someone’s help, you can even die from infection, pain and other consequences of unskilled intervention.
And you can go to a physiotherapist to have a tooth removed, because he also has a medical education, and he takes much less money for his services than a dentist, but in spite of everything, we pay the appropriate money and go to a specialist. Why, then, a different attitude towards the services of lawyers and attorneys, after all, by and large, an hour of work of a lawyer in Slovakia costs much less than an hour of work of a dentist or even an auto mechanic in a certified service?
As the saying goes, leave God with God, and Caesar with Caesar, i.e. let the translator translate, let the accountant do the bookkeeping, and leave the interpretation of the laws to lawyers or advocates.
Of course, if your goal is to pay less (after all, lawyers are worth more than incompetent and unskilled people), then there can be no question of the competence and quality of your entrepreneurial activity.

Source: https://t.me/Jurist_Romanova (Rödl & Partner company)

Slovakia Garant s.r.o. thanks Rödl & Partner for their cooperation, support and readiness to solve the most difficult problems in a difficult world of competition and high customer demands. A strong partner is not only a challenge to match and keep the brand, but also confidence in the product provided.

Viktor Sumovskyi, Director of Slovakia Garant s.r.o.

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