I want to live here! Let’s move in!

Did we decide right away that we wanted to move to Slovakia 🏰

You know, there are places that immediately attract you, where you want to stay and get to know each other better. We had such a love-at-first-sight story with Slovakia.

🤷♂️ But it is dangerous to choose the country to move to only based on emotions, especially if you have a family with children. It is important to know everything thoroughly, and to plan, so as not to regret a rash step later.

In Slovakia we were attracted by very comfortable conditions for life, including the economic side 👛 Compared with other EU countries, here are much smaller monthly expenses: on food, rent, clothing, household items, recreation, etc. At the same time very nice bonuses, if you plan to develop your own business. Not to mention the fact that belonging to the European Union itself gives a lot of privileges.

The country has a high level of security. And although different from ours, quite an understandable mentality, friendly people.

Slovakia is constantly developing and setting new economic, social, and ecological goals 🎯 It’s very encouraging and inspiring when you are not anxious but enthusiastic about the future.

That’s why we are so pleased to do our job – to help with the move to the Slovak Republic 🤗

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