3 types of residence permits in Slovakia

If you want to live in Slovakia for a long time and you are not an EU citizen, you will need to apply for a residence permit.

There are three types of residence permits in Slovakia:

✅ temporary residence (prechodný pobyt),

✅ permanent residence (trvalý pobyt),

✅ tolerated stay (tolerovaný pobyt).

📌 Tolerated residence is a specific type of residence permit, which can be granted for a maximum of 180 days with the possibility of further extension.

📌 We are more interested in the temporary residence permit. It is issued for a much longer period of time, and you can work, study, and run a business. The maximum period for which temporary residence is granted depends on the purpose of the residence permit (work, business, study, reunion with family). But most often residence permit is issued for 2 years, then it has to be prolonged.

📌 After 5 years of residence in Slovakia on the basis of a temporary residence permit you can apply for a permanent residence permit. After 10 years (from the date of your first residence permit) you can also apply for Slovak citizenship.

If you need help with obtaining a residence permit, or permanent residence permit in Slovakia, contact us!

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