Who should consider Slovakia for relocation?

There are no perfect places for everyone. There are pros and cons everywhere, each of us has our own preferences and ideas about comfortable living ⛵ So we decided to break down who should especially pay attention to Slovakia.

⭐ You have a family with children

Slovakia is known for its low crime rate, attention to family values, and opportunities for free education. It is convenient to obtain a residence permit for reunification.

⭐ If you are a business owner or plan to pursue your favorite business, working for yourself

Slovakia offers favorable conditions for doing business, transparent rules, low taxes, and economic stability. The government also supports the development of startups and small and medium-sized businesses.

⭐ You want to get a good European education

It is possible to get a free higher education in Slovakia. You can either stay to work in Slovakia or find a job in another EU country.

⭐ You like the outdoors

Slovakia has some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe. There are mesmerizing mountains, springs, hot springs, lakes, and the Danube River. In the cities, much attention is paid to landscaping and the development of park areas.

⭐ European values are close to you

A legal culture, ecological security, social justice based on social partnership, and the importance of democratic rights and freedoms are values that take the lead in the political development of the country.

⭐ You love to travel

When you live in the “heart of Europe,” as Slovaks themselves like to say, you have more opportunities to travel. Visa-free travel to most countries allows for hassle-free travel planning.

If you want to know more about obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence permit, and citizenship in Slovakia, call or write us!

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