Weekly news digest

What news and events in Slovakia did this week bring us?

✅ In Bratislava they have opened a mobile passport service for citizens of Ukraine. You can apply for or exchange your passport, ID-card, and replace the old passport 1994 with an ID card. From next week you can also exchange your driver’s license.

The mobile service is represented by white vans with the inscription “Pasportny services”. Located at Mlynské nivy 5A (bus station in the Nivy shopping center). Open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00. There is an electronic and live line. You can sign up here https://bratislava.pasport.org.ua/solutions/e-queue

✅ According to surveys, 46% of companies in Slovakia are planning to add employees this year. Thanks to investments, the need for qualified specialists is expected to increase even more.

The deputies noted that Slovakia does not recognize foreign professional certificates and diplomas sufficiently. And it is worth paying attention to this issue, as well as to problems of language and social integration of foreigners into Slovak society.

✅ Specialists from the Slovak Public Health Administration remind us that in March ticks wake up. Their activity peaks in April and May. Therefore, it is advisable to take care of tick-borne encephalitis prevention right away.

It is recommended to be inoculated for this purpose. It is desirable to put in no less than two doses in February and March, so you would be at least partially protected in April. The third dose is given in August to strengthen protection against the background of the autumn peak of tick activity.

So you should take care of your health in advance 👍 And may this spring bring only the best, kind, bright, and peaceful things!

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