Salary and cost of living in Slovakia

Every year, by July 1, there is a recalculation of the subsistence minimum in Slovakia 💰

This year it will grow by 1.5%. Expressed in a specific amount, the subsistence minimum for 1 adult is 218.06 €, for a child – 99.56 €

How will this affect those who already live in Slovakia or plan to move here?

The size of medical, social benefits, tax bonuses depends on these figures.

📍 If you have a child under the age of 6, you will be able to receive tax bonuses in the form of 47.14 € every month. For children from 6 to 15, the amount will be 43.60 €. Over 15 years old – 23.56 €.

📍 The monthly child allowance will increase to 25.88 €.

📍 Changes will also affect the tax-free part of income. From January 2022 this amount will reach 4,579.26 €

📍 The amount of income for obtaining, renewing the Slovak residence permit will also be revised. It is important to consider this when submitting documents.

By the way, the average salary in Slovakia itself continues to grow 📈 In the last quarter of 2020, it turned out to be 5.8% higher than in 2019, despite the pandemic. For the whole of 2020, the average salary was € 1133, an increase of 3.8%.

The highest relative growth in wages was observed:
🔹 in Presov district – by 7.6%,
🔹 Trnava and Zhilinsky districts – 6.1%.

We hope that we have not confused you with such a numerical abundance. Today we got some kind of shock post on the numbers 🤦‍♂️

If everything was clear, let me know with the help ❤️ If you have any questions or would like to touch on some more prices / payments, write under the post 👇 We will analyze it in the following publications!

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