Make your own residence permit or ask for help from a professional company?

The topic of this article concerns  to everyone who is going to emigrate to Slovakia.  We will try to reveal this topic objectively, based on our experience of moving to Slovakia and the feedback of many immigrants who have traveled this path.  Also in this article we are calculating the budget that needs to be spent on self-registration of a residence permit, and compare it with the amount for the service of obtaining a residence permit with the help of the company.

Many people, before emigrating to any country, first study it a lot, visit one or several times.  But even repeated preliminary visits to the country as a tourist will not give a complete picture of all the processes that need to be carried out for an independent registration of a residence permit.  The Internet has many resources in Russian, which describes the procedure for obtaining a residence permit.  The emigrant is faced with a logical question: why pay a company for a service of assistance in obtaining a residence permit, if you can do everything yourself?  At first glance, it is.  But let’s consider this question more deeply, we will touch on all the pitfalls.

In order to compare the independent design and with the help of the company, take as an example the citizen of Ukraine, who wants to get a residence permit through the opening of business.

When self-design a person needs to perform the following actions and spend such funds:

● Collect the original documents in your country of residence: a biological passport, certificate of non-conviction with an apostille will cost approximately 20 euros;

● Fly to Slovakia for 2 weeks minimum for processing and filing documents with the police.  The round trip costs about 80 euros;

● Accommodation for 2 weeks – about 700 euros for a 3 star hotel in Bratislava not in the city center;

● Meals for 2 weeks – an average of 400 euros;

● Movement by transport – an average of 100 euros;

● First of all, you need to translate statement of the presence of convictions from an official Slovak translator.  It costs 24 euros;

● Fill out a form in the Slovak language and submit for registration of a private entrepreneur.  State duty is 150 euros.  The time of registration of the IP can take from 3 to 30 days, as lucky.  It usually takes a week;

● For private entrepreneurship  you need a legal address.  It can be rented for 1 year for 350 euros.  Or specify the legal address of the place of residence, but the homeowners rarely agree to this;

● Open bank accounts, and deposit 5,000 euros to a company account and 2,400 euros to a personal account.  Opening an account is free;

● Find and rent property.  You can contact the realtor, who speaks Russian.  This will greatly facilitate the process of finding an apartment.  Property search should be carried out in parallel with all processes, otherwise you can simply not have time to do everything in two weeks.  Slovaks in this regard are very slow, and viewing the apartments of interest can take several days, plus more time to draw up a lease and residence permit.  The average rental price for a 2 bedroom apartment is 600 Euro.  It should be borne in mind that when you make a rental, you need to pay 600 euros for the first and last months, and another 600 euros for the realtor.  So, as a migrant receives a residence permit card only 3 months after the documents are handed over to the police, all this time you will have to pay for the apartment, that is, another 2 months of rent at 600 euros.  Total it turns out 3000 euros will be spent for renting housing for 3 months, while the police will decide on the issuance of a residence permit.  The apartment must be registered;

● After a person rents a home and enrolls in it, you need to visit a notary to certify the signatures on the police application and the statements from the landlord.  It costs about 15 euros;

● You also need to obtain insurance.  This can be done both in Slovakia and in your own country.  The average cost of insurance for 3 months will cost 200 euros;

● Now you can go to the office of the migration police with the entire package of documents.  Since the police essentially (and rightly) speak only Slovak, you will need to use the services of an accompanying interpreter, which is about 200 euros.  Also, the police need to pay a state fee of 232 euros for filing an application for a residence permit;

● Next, a person can go back home to his country, or stay in Slovakia pending receipt of a residence permit while living in his rented apartment.  But not longer than 90 days from the date of arrival in Slovakia by visa-free regime;

● When a residence permit card will be issued, a long-awaited SMS will come with information that you can come to the police and pick up your card;

● Immediately after receiving the card, you need to visit a special clinic for medical examination.  You need to take a blood test, urine, X-rays, and pass a small interview with a doctor.  Fortunately, the doctor speaks Russian.  You must pay 210 euros for the physical.

At this process of registration of a residence permit is fully completed.  Now let’s calculate how much money was spent:

● Certificate of non-conviction with apostille – 20 euros;

● Tickets for the plane – 80 euros (at least!);

● Accommodation in Bratislava for 14 days – 700 euros;

● Meals for 14 days – 400 euros;

● Transportation around the city – 100 Euro;

● Judicial translation of a criminal record – 24 euros;

● State  fee for registration of IP – 150 euros;

● Registered address for IP – 350 euro;

● Renting an apartment for 3 months – 3,000 euros;

● Notary services – 15 euros;

● Insurance – 200 euros;

● Translation services of the escort to the police – 200 euros;

● State  police fee – 232 euros;

● Medical examination – 210 euros.

Total: 5681 euros.  Plus, you need to put into your bank accounts 7,400 euros, but this money will not go anywhere, you can dispose of them at your discretion, the main thing is to have them available.  In total you need to have with you a minimum of 13081 euros, provided that the person has time to do everything in 2 weeks.

This is the most modest calculation, since everyone has their own preferences in the level of the hotel, food, method of transportation, requirements for rental housing.  At the opening of the company costs even more: 300 euros worth of state.  company registration fee;  there is also a question in the nominal director, since a migrant without a residence permit cannot yet become a director, you need to look for a director at the time of issuing a residence permit, usually they are charged 200 euros per month;  You need to pay 20,000 euros to your company account.

Now consider the process of obtaining a residence permit with the help of the company.  For example, take our company.  We have formed this service in the package.  The package price is 3,950 euros.  The package includes all possible costs for obtaining a residence permit for an entrepreneur, namely:

● Preparation of documents, registration of entrepreneurship;

● Official translation into the Slovak language of all necessary documents;

● Provision of legal address for 1 year;

● Opening of personal and corporate bank accounts, receiving account statements;

● Notary services for certification of signatures;

● Provision of residence address in Slovakia for 1 year;

● Medical insurance;

● All state duties (registration of individual entrepreneurs, filing documents with the police, issuing a residence permit card, obtaining certificates, etc.);

● Full support in all instances (bank, notary, police, physical);

● Preparing for a police interview;

● Assistance in drawing up a business plan, as well as its translation into the Slovak language (in cases of a possible request from the police);

● Transfer to the filing of documents to the police and back.

In the case of cooperation with our company, you will need to come to Bratislava for the first time for 2 days: plane tickets there and back – 80 euros, hotel accommodation – 100 euros, meals 50 euros.  As in the first case, you need to deposit funds in your bank accounts in the amount of 7,400 euros.  The second time you need to come to receive a residence permit card and medical examination.  It takes half a day.  A plane in one direction will cost 40 euros.

The costs of obtaining a residence permit with the help of our company:

● Package of services for registration of a residence permit – € 3950;

● 3 plane tickets – 120 euros;

● Accommodation for 2 days – 100 euros;

● Meals for 2 days – 50 euros.

Total: 4220 euros.  Plus, you need to put on your bank accounts 7,400 euros.  The total amount you need to have available – 11620 euros.

Even at first glance, using the company’s services is much more profitable.  But there are a number of important and undeniable advantages in the design of a residence permit with the help of our company:

● We guarantee the return of 70% of the total cost of the package of services in cases of refusal to obtain a residence permit.  For more information about the guarantees written on this page guarantees.  That is, in the case of self-registration a person risks a minimum of 5,681 euros.  In the case of working with us, the client risks the sum: 1,185 euros (30% of the package price) + 230 euros (2 plane tickets, room and board for 2 days) = 1,415 euros.

● We prepare, translate and register all the documents ourselves.  We also provide full support in all instances.  This completely eliminates the possibility of an error at any stage compared with the independent registration of a residence permit.

● We provide registration for 1 year.  After receiving a residence permit card, you must in any case look for and rent a property, but then you can do it without breaking your head, since you don’t need to hurry.  There will be time to explore the areas, choose the best offer, and not what will be obvious at the moment of time.

● In cases of refusal to issue a residence permit, within five days our lawyers prepare and send on behalf of a client an appeal against this decision, which in our practice has always ended in success, and issued a residence permit to clients.  For this we do not require additional fees.  Additional work of lawyers is included in the package price.  If a person draws up his own residence permit, quickly navigate, find a lawyer, and appeal the decision is almost impossible.

Each person has his own situation: perhaps there is the option of cheap accommodation in Slovakia, for example, friends, but the question remains with registration, without which it is impossible to apply for a residence permit to the police;  it is possible to save even more on the road and food, etc.  The final decision on how to act remains, as always, for the person.  If the path of cooperation with the company is chosen, then it is also necessary to study its conditions very carefully:

● Are all costs included in her package?  Usually state  duties, physical, registration are not included in the cost of services.  And in the end, the amount is much higher than ours.

● Does the company guarantee a refund of the cost of services in case of a refusal of a residence permit?  In what size?

● Does the company provide legal counsel to appeal the refusal to issue a residence permit?  How much is it?

When choosing a company, you need to ask all these questions, and after weighing all the factors, make a decision.

Emigration to another country is a very important step for each person.  How much it will be easy, fast and less costly depends on the choice of which way to go and with whom.  Regardless of what decision you decide for yourself, we wish you good luck, success and implementation of all plans in the new country of your residence.  Let this country be a new home for you, in which all your dreams come true!

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