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Why Slovakia?

Loyal immigration law

Low requirements for obtaining and extending a residence permit for business.

The possibility of reuniting with the family immediately upon the first submission to the residence permit.

After 5 years, the immigrant receives lifelong status of permanent residence, and after 10 years – the citizenship of Slovakia.


Slovakia is a very calm country that does not conflict with other states.

Crime at a very low level.

Cars drive by the rules and do not violate speed limits, therefore, there are very few car accidents.

Favorable conditions for business

Tax on personal income – 19%.

Profit tax – 21%.

VAT – 20%.

Transparent and clear “rules of the game” for business.

High rates of economic development.

Free education

Secondary and higher education in Slovakia is free.

Diplomas of universities in Slovakia are recognized in any EU country.

A real opportunity to get a mortgage

Credit rate 1.5% -2% per annum.

The term of crediting is 30 years.

First installment from 0%.

A person working under an official employment contract has the right to apply for a mortgage already for the 4th month of work.

Loyal attitude to emigrants

Slovaks are very friendly people.  To meet rudeness or aggression is almost impossible.

There is no bias to emigrants, other religions, skin color.

The older generation remembers Russian, young people almost all know English.  If he turns to the Slovak on the street, he will always help because of his capabilities, no matter what language you speak.

Schengen Area

Any EU country is open for you!

No visas or permits are required in order to travel throughout Europe.

Sports country

Slovaks love sports very much.  Almost everyone has a bicycle; there is a developed network of bicycle routes throughout the country.  On weekends, Slovaks do active sports.  Self inconspicuously, every emigrant joins such an active lifestyle.  A national sport is hockey.

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