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Rent / Buy Property

  Buying or renting a property in Slovakia is a mandatory item if you are plannig to obtain a residence permit for a business and fully emigrate to the Slovak Republic.  In addition, according to the new additions to the Law No. 404/2011 on the residence of foreigners in Slovakia of 05/01/2018 (reference to the law), a foreign citizen who received a residence permit must live at least half of the previous residence permit in Slovakia to extend it.  Since May 2018, this is one of the basic requirements for extending a residence permit.  Therefore, even before receiving a residence permit or immediately after receiving it, the emigrant is faced with the question of finding housing, as well as an office or other premises for doing business.  This can be done independently, if the person is well-versed in all the intricacies of the real estate market in Slovakia, or contact us.


  Slovakia Garant s.r.o.  provides property search services for the purpose of renting or buying apartments, houses, offices, commercial and warehouse premises, land plots, etc.

The process of finding a property in Slovakia with our help is:

● The client informs the preferences and criteria for the property to be found: rent or purchase, residential or commercial, area, district, price, condition, etc.

● After the advance payment (rent – 100 euros, purchase – 300 euros), we proceed to the search for real estate options.

● If the client is still in his native country, we are constantly in touch, discussing options, provide photos and videos of the property after the inspection.  If the client is already in Slovakia, we agree on the views of the agreed options, and together we eat to watch.

● When the customer is determined with the choice, we help him with the analysis of the contract, accompany him on the signing of the lease / purchase agreement.

● In the case of a rental, you usually have to pay rent for the first and last month to the owner.  Our services in this case will amount to 100% of one monthly rent (an advance is included in this amount).  In the case of a purchase, the client pays for the seller and pays for our services (5% – property values ​​up to 100000 euros, 4% – from 100000 to 300000 euros, 3% – from 30000 euros and more; advance payment is included  in this amount).

● Additionally, real estate support services can be provided: re-issuance of contracts for utilities, supervision of objects during the absence of a client, etc.).

Features of the real estate market in Slovakia

Prices for rental and purchase of real estate in Bratislava strongly differs to the suburbs or other localities.  For example, in the capital, renting a 3 room apartment in good condition costs 800-1000 euros.  But already 20 km from Bratislava, the same apartment can be rented for 400-600 euro / month.

As a rule, property owners themselves do not search for clients, but turn to real estate agencies.  For this, finding an ad from a direct owner is almost impossible.

Real estate agencies may not require payment from the client for their services.  Usually, if the price of renting a property is low, then the payment to the agency is 100% of the monthly fee.  If the apartment is in good condition and makes up the average market price and higher, then the owner will pay for the agency’s services.  But in each case, you need to clarify this.

The main real estate sites in Slovakia with current databases are,,  Other sites usually copy the database from these sites.

  Utility payments in Slovakia are paid once a year.  Therefore, in the ads the rental price can be indicated, including utility costs, or with separated fixed cost of payments.

  Slovaks are loyal to foreigners.  But not everyone is willing to attribute foreigners to rented accommodation.  A residence permit is a very important point, since it is one of the main documents that is submitted to the police for obtaining or extending a residence permit.

  Usually, the apartments offered for rent have everything for life: furniture, household appliances, TV, Internet, etc.

Recommendations for finding a property in Slovakia

● If you are planning to rent an apartment for your family, willing to emigrate completely, then it is advisable even during the first trips to Slovakia to immediately look at the districts, take a ride through them, and evaluate for yourself which district you prefer.  You will not live there for a month or two.  Therefore, it is important to understand what infrastructure there is in the area, where there are kindergartens and schools, other important institutions.

● If you plan to buy a property, we recommend to carefully choose the area.  It is even better for the first time to rent an apartment, live in Slovakia for 4-6 months, get comfortable, understand what’s what, where you would be comfortable living: closer to the center, or away from the city rush.  And only then make proper choice of property for purchase.

● Own property is a big advantage in the eyes of the police for foreigners.  Especially during the extension of the residence permit.  An immigrant to a property owner in Slovakia can extend a residence permit for several years at once, and not call for additional interviews, since the property owner has invested in this way in the Slovak economy.

If you are planning to live in Bratislava, then we recommend to watch our video about its districts:

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