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Accounting services


Price / Period
Monthly maintenance of a small company (S.R.O.), including:
– bookkeeping (preparation of accounting entries for internal and external operations of the company);
– reconciliation and accounting of accepted and issued invoices (up to 20 per month);
– submission of a monthly VAT report (declaration);
– preparation and submission of an annual report (declaration) on profit.
250€ / month
Maintaining a company without VAT or Individual Entrepreneur without employees, INCLUDING annual reporting with the movement of 2-3 invoices per month, price per year 350€ / year
Accounting consultations: a) 2 hours a month – free of charge for clients on maintenance; b) in excess of the established limit, as well as, if necessary, the involvement of an auditor or tax consultant, the price per hour from 50€ / hour
Visiting tax, insurance, departure for inspection, other issues requiring personal presence 25€ / hour
Preparation of any unscheduled interim report 30€ / PCS
Report on operations in the EU 20€ / PCS
Preparation and filing of a tax return on a car 20€ / PCS
Initial registration in tax (receiving tax number, DIČ identification number) 100€
Registration as a VAT payer upon reaching the legally established income limit (excluding the passage of the audit) 100€
Registration as a VAT payer up to the established income limit at the request of the client (excluding the passage of the audit) 150€
Elimination of VAT payer status 100€
Registration EORI (customs accreditation) 350€
Changes in Trade register: company name, address, type of activity, reduction of the authorized capital and / or changes in the ownership of the company (the price includes court fees and other changes) 199€
Stamp 50€
Preparation of documents, inquiries, obtaining certificates for a financial plan in order to obtain a mortgage 60€
Getting access to the state electronic mail box on 90€
Consulting on an individual client request (purchase of a car for a company, marketing research, etc.) Individually

  Our company specializes in obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia, as well  as in accounting for foreigners, entrepreneurs and companies.  Accounting is extremely important for any business, especially if the business is conducted in another country.

  Our experts are well aware of the Slovak laws, the subtleties of bookkeeping, and also have extensive experience in dealing with local authorities in Slovakia.

  Proper maintenance of  accounting is a very important condition for the extension of the residence permit of the entrepreneur or director of the company.  Since we specialize in accounting for foreigners, our clients have no problems with extending their residence permit.  Even if you received the first residence permit via another company, you can feel  free to contact us for accounting services.

  We provide a high level of service and confidence in keeping your accounting in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic.

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