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Medical care for foreigners in Slovakia


  In today's article, we will talk about how to register with your therapist, or how to register with your pediatrician in Slovakia. Let's talk about planned honey. examinations, about what the insurance company does not compensate, about pediatricians and vaccinations, and about emergency ambulance.   HOW TO ACCOUNT FOR A THERAPY IN SLOVAKIA?    …

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Education in Slovakia: kindergarten, school, gymnasium, institute.


  People who decide to emigrate to another country have many fears associated with moving. And in people with children, most fears are associated with children. They ask themselves questions: how to enroll a child in kindergarten, how a child adapts at school, how to enter an institute in Slovakia? In this article and video,  …

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Memorial complex Slavin


  If you love hiking and have already managed to explore the Old Town, your next goal may be to visit the Slavin memorial complex. The walk will not take much time, but it will delight you with silence and beautiful panoramic views of the city.   A landmark that is easy to find is  …

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SlovakiaGarant took part in the Ukrainian-Slovak business forum


  February 20-21, in the city of Senec, near Bratislava, the Ukrainian-Slovak business forum was held, dedicated to new trends in construction.   The business forum was attended by Ukrainian and Slovak enterprises working in the construction industry, as well as representatives of government circles in Slovakia.   The event was opened by Yuriy Mushka  …

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Separate garbage collection in Slovak


Slovakia is a beautiful European country that cares about the environment. Each of its citizens, whether it is a resident of the capital or a small village, takes an active part in this, and the state creates favorable soil for this. According to statistics, in Bratislava alone, about 100 thousand tons of garbage is produced  …

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How to enroll a child in a Slovak school?


  This is one of the most common questions that we hear from our customers, and today we will try to answer it in detail.   First of all, we hasten to inform you that your child will definitely receive free school education on an equal basis with all Slovakian children, since this right is  …

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We have moved to a new office!


  We are pleased to announce that our company has moved to a new office at Ventúrska 16, Bratislava. We loved our old office very much, it was in a good location. But Slovakia Garant is growing rapidly, new employees are constantly joining us, and the old office at some point was not enough. Our  …

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