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Separate garbage collection in Slovak


Slovakia is a beautiful European country that cares about the environment. Each of its citizens, whether it is a resident of the capital or a small village, takes an active part in this, and the state creates favorable soil for this. According to statistics, in Bratislava alone, about 100 thousand tons of garbage is produced  …

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How to enroll a child in a Slovak school?


  This is one of the most common questions that we hear from our customers, and today we will try to answer it in detail.   First of all, we hasten to inform you that your child will definitely receive free school education on an equal basis with all Slovakian children, since this right is  …

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We have moved to a new office!


  We are pleased to announce that our company has moved to a new office at Ventúrska 16, Bratislava. We loved our old office very much, it was in a good location. But Slovakia Garant is growing rapidly, new employees are constantly joining us, and the old office at some point was not enough. Our  …

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Public transport in Slovakia


  Today we are raising the theme of public transport in Bratislava.   For many people, especially for people from the countries of the former Soviet Union, there is an opinion that without a car it is very difficult to move around. And for our countries this is really true. Our public transport is malfunctioning,  …

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Introducing the new Director of Slovakia Garant


  A newcomer appeared in our team, director of Slovakia Garant - Sumovsky Victor. New to the team, but a “shark” in project management, an experienced crisis manager, coach and trainer. Over his 45 years he managed to successfully work in many areas, as a leader. This is a retail network and production, business consulting  …

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Slovakia advantages


  We already wrote about the disadvantages in Slovakia in a previous article.  It's time to talk about the plus points.  In this article we will list the main advantages of Slovakia, which were important for us when our family was planning to emigrate to the EU.  And also we will tell about the advantages  …

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Employment in Slovakia


  Slovakia Garant s.r.o.  opens a direction on Employment in Slovakia.  We cooperate with the most respected employment agencies and employers in Slovakia.  We select only those vacancies that offer high salary, official work with the design of a working residence permit.  Almost all vacancies are free for the applicant.  Our employer pays for our  …

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Интервью со словачкой
Our Slovak guest


   Today, a guest on our channel is the native Slovak Michaella.  This wonderful young girl was born and live almost all her life in Kosice, and 6 years ago she moved to the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava.  Michella is fluent in Russian.  She has long been subscribed to our channel, always essentially commenting  …

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минусы словакии
Slovakia disadvantages


  Each country has its drawbacks and disadvantages.  Slovakia is no exception.  In this article we will talk about the disadvantages of Slovakia through the eyes of an emigrant from the CIS countries.  These disadvantages are only our subjective opinion, someone may not pay attention to them at all, someone will find even more flaws.   …

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как продлить внж в словакии
How to extend the residence permit in Slovakia?


  I am glad to share the news that our family today received new residence permit cards with a one and a half year extension in Bratislava!  When we filed documents for extending a residence permit in Slovakia, I promised that, as soon as the new cards would be in my hand, I share with  …

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