Residence permit in the European Union

  Today, to get a RESIDENCE PERMIT in the EU is faster and easier in SLOVAKIA, compared to other countries. Residence permit gives the opportunity: - legally move to Europe; - open or scale a business; - educate children for free; - purchase real estate with credit from 0.89% per year; - live in an environmentally friendly place; - after 5 years to get a PERMANENT residence permit in the European Union.

  We are located in Bratislava, in the center of the EU, from where it is easy to get any European capital/country. There are unique rivers, lakes, fields, mountains, and surely - forests. Easily you can get Vienna, Prague, Budapest. Here is a fast growing economy with great prospects, understandable and easy to learn language (to some extent). And people are open-hearted. Remember: YOUR LIFE IS UNIQUE ONE AND YOU ARE IT'S CREATOR.

  Slovakia Garant provides a full range of services start from answers to your questions, preparing documents, accompanying, obtaining a residence permit, insurance, renting or buying a home, legal and accounting services. Neither the size of the office, neither the number of staff can not guarantee the result. The key to success for your victory is our experience, knowledge and proficiency. Also we have reliable activities algorithm, which would live to your happy life in Europe. Many companies - ONE LEADER. Choose professionals and your process of obtaining a residence permit will turn into a GREAT pleasure.

Our services

  • Business residence permit in Slovakia

    We will register the entrepreneur or establish a company, collect all the documents for you, take you “by the hand” and accompany to all instances.

    Residence permit for family reunification

    We will take all the questions on the execution of the spouse reunification and children. Your family will receive a residence permit in Slovakia in a short time and will legally live with you!

    Residence permit prolongation

    We chose the best, reliable and proven programs for learning the Slovak language. Such courses will provide an opportunity to learn the language perfectly for one academic year, and prepare for entering the university for the chosen specialty.

  • Service Hexagon
  • Accounting services

    Subscriber accounting services for individual entrepreneurs and firms in Slovakia; Delivery of the annual tax report; Obtaining a certificate of VAT payer; Consultations on accounting.

    Jobs in Slovakia

    We assist in the employment to the largest employers in Slovakia with a direct labor contract and registration of a worker's residence permit.

    Other services


How are we different from competitors?

  • Confidence in the result

    The professionalism and experience of our employees gives 100% confidence that every client who turns to us will receive a residence permit. Even in the most hopeless situations, we can help.

  • Support at all stages

    We are constantly in touch: we provide the client with step-by-step instructions, advise on all issues, we recommend proven companies and people (for example, a realtor, a financial consultant, etc.). We have no secrets from customers. Everything is completely transparent and friendly.

  • You are getting the "turnkey" service

    Our offers are packaged. By purchasing a suitable package, the client can be sure that he will not have to worry for anything. We literally take the client "by the hand" and drive through all the necessary instances. We undertake all the routine work of collecting, translating, compiling documents.

  • We do not charge for additional advice

    The doors of our office are always open. We will gladly treat you to delicious coffee, listen carefully and do our best to resolve your issue.

“Assistance in obtaining a residence permit is not easy business. The main thing is reputation!”

No beautiful website or large advertising budget will help the company create a good reputation. This is done exclusively by satisfied customers and their positive feedback.

We want you to recommend us to your friends and acquaintances. Therefore, we will do everything possible so that you are not just satisfied with our services, but inspired from cooperation with our company.

Request a call back

Fill out the form and we will call you back for a free consultation.

Service prices

The procedure

for obtaining business residence permit

  • 1
    1-2 days
    We conclude an agreement on the provision of services. We receive by e-mail a scan of your passport and a certificate of non-conviction with an apostille.

    At this stage, paid 10% of the package price.

  • 2
    10-15 days
    By power of attorney, we register you as an entrepreneur or establish a company in Slovakia, provide a legal address and a registration address, arrange insurance, prepare an official translation into the Slovak language of all necessary documents.
  • 3
    2 days
    The first visit to Bratislava: together with you we visit a notary to certify signatures, open a company and personal bank account, submit the entire package of documents to the police to obtain a residence permit.

    At this stage, paid 40% of the package price.

  • 4
    up to 90 days
    The police considers the application and issues a residence permit card for up to 90 days.
  • 5
    1 day
    Second visit to Bratislava: get your residence permit card. We accompany you to the medical examination. After receiving the results of the physical, we will send him to the police. The process of obtaining a residence permit is completed. Congratulations! You have the legal right to live, work or conduct your business in Slovakia.

    After receiving the card, the residence permit is paid the remaining 50% of the package price.



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